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What is SmartMedTravel.com?

In the process of medical training, students are asked to interview at a multitude of medical schools and an even greater amount of residency programs. During each of those processes, students plan and pay for the countless trips throughout the country. This includes scheduling and tracking interviews as well as booking airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. In thinking about the planning that goes on with one trip it is difficult to imagine how to efficiently plan for multiple trips while maintaining the patience and diligence to get the best price.

SmartMedTravel.com provides an all-in-one resource making it easy for anyone to:
  • Efficiently view the full gambit of budget and lesser known inter-city travel options that may be otherwise difficult and time consuming to find for every city with a medical residency in the U.S.
  • Perform a multi-city comparison of budget airlines, rental cars, alternate airports and weather forecasts at your destinations, which are not available on most main-stream travel sites.
  • Access the most researched and comprehensive data regarding cheap alternative transportation from airports to downtown areas, universities, and medical centers.

Why did we create SmartMedTravel.com?

As students and frugal travelers we quickly realized how hectic and time consuming it was to make affordable single and multi-trip travel arrangements for our interviews. We also continue to hear about our classmates, friends, and family spending unnecessary amounts of money when traveling from city to city. It is clear that many people do not have the time, Internet knowledge, or patience to scour the web for hard to find budget options for traveling the United States.

As students who have experienced the financial drain that occurs when traveling, we have combined our cheapness and technological know-how to provide you with SmartMedTravel.com. This site will simplify, organize, and streamline your travel planning all with the piece of mind that you have secured the best deal in every aspect of your trip.

We are always looking for additions as well as suggestions. Feel free to contact us.

Enjoy and Safe Travels,

Randon T. Hall

Ben Rosenbaum

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Class of 2008

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