Founder Bios and Photos

Randon T. Hall


Randon T. Hall Hi! I am originally from Mt. Holly, New Jersey and currently a pediatric sports medicine physician in Phoenix, Arizona. Ben and I are both very passionate about saving money and getting the best deals possible. developed from a few emails back and forth to a full website over the course of our last year in medical school. I really hope you all enjoy the site, because I know it will be an invaluable resource to anyone, especially medial students, traveling or interviewing around the country. As always if you have any new ideas, corrections or suggestions we would love to know about them.

Randon's favorite budget travel tip: Honestly, I think without a doubt the single best way to save money on traveling is to utilize public transportation when going to and from the airport. Even if you are unaccustomed to this type of transportation or sense you are going to be a little inconvenienced, it is well worth the extra effort. Just use the links and phone numbers we have provided and you are sure to get the hang of it.

Ben Rosenbaum


Ben Rosenbaum Hello! I am from Dayton Ohio. While in medical school at Vanderbilt, Randon and I created this website after we started the residency interview process and realized how expensive it can be. I am at the tail end of neurosurgery residency at Cleveland Clinic. We aim for this website to help professional students interviewing throughout the country. There are more options than a $50 taxi from the airport! I look forward to the continued suggestions and features we plan on creating.
Ben's favorite budget travel tip: Well, check our website for information about the city to which you're traveling. I use it for my own travel outside of interviewing and still surprise myself. Otherwise, make sure you bring a bag of quarters on your trips to pay for the buses or trains.

Photos courtesy of Anne Rayner