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The Cost of Applying for a Medical Residency
October 1, 2008

"For more ideas, see, a site developed by two recent medical school graduates in response to travel costs related to the interview process."
AAMC First for Medical Education

Traveling Docs
September 7, 2008

"You read in Rutgers Magazine about, the resourceful website that Randon Hall RC'04 co-founded to help medical students save money. Here, Hall talks about his pathway to becoming a doctor as well as his expectations for the future."
Rutgers Alumni Magazine

VU med students create smart, cheap travel Web site
May 4, 2008

"But I suppose that necessity is the mother of invention (or innovation), and that's why Vandy med students Randon Hall and Ben Rosenbaum have created a Web site,, that turns out to be a great resource not just for docs, but for almost anyone traveling on a budget.

The fourth-year students, who will graduate in May, designed the site to help themselves and other medical students figure out cheap ways to travel when interviewing all over the country for residency positions."
The Tennessean

VUSM students' site shares tips on cutting residency travel costs
March 7, 2008

"The two classmates, after months of trading travel tip-filled e-mails with each other and their classmates, decided to compile some of their best ideas, and in January launched a Web site:

The Web site includes a personal blog from the two students and a trip planner for interview cities (which include most of the major U.S. cities). "
The Reporter - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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As Residency "Match Day" Approaches, Residency Candidates Find Interview Travel Can Crunch Their Already Meager Means
March 1, 2008